Iris Bolton

About the Author

Iris Bolton is an international lecturer and consultant who offers hope to people bereaved by death, loss and suicide. She is Director Emeritus of The Link Counseling Center, Atlanta, Georgia, where she served as full-time Director for 36 years

Her first book, "My Son ... My Son ... A Guide to Healing After Death, Loss or Suicide," was written after her 20-year-old son, Mitch, took his own life in 1977. Her co-author was her father, Curtis Mitchell. It is now in its 22nd edition.

Iris Bolton’s new book, Voices of Healing and Hope: Conversations on Grief after Suicide, addresses phases of grief after suicide. With helpful stories and tools, each chapter helps define different aspects of the grieving process. A reader struggling with a particular issue can go directly to a related chapter for immediate guidance. Important issues include: Why, Guilt, Shame/Stigma, Anger, Emotional/Physical Pain, Fear, Depression and Faith. Chapters deal with these aspects and many more.

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Voices of Healing and Hope:Conversations on Grief after Suicide

"My intention in writing this book is to assist people touched by suicide loss." says Iris Bolton. "I share my own journey following the suicide of our twenty-year-old son Mitch many years ago, as well as my bereavement process as a parent, counselor, and lecturer."

According to an informal survey of family members impacted by suicide, eight issues were identified to be among the most difficult. They are: Why, Guilt, Shame, Anger, Pain, Fear, Depression, and Faith. Chapters in the book and on the DVD deal with thes areas and many others.

More than 25 suicide loss survivors share their poignant stories of trauma, healing, and hope related to one of the above eight issues. Their courage and resilience are deeply touching.

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